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Hi all!!!!!!!!!!


Here is a little sneak peak of something that will soon be coming!!!!!! Now, you may ask---how soon? You may ask How much? And, you may ask where can I buy them? Well, I am not sure how soon they will be availible--but my guess would be in a few weeks. As for the price--that I definately do not know as of yet. And you will probably be able to add them on here if your vehicle is here being built. And i would venture to say that they will also be availible from SPP. And for those of you that have your vehicle here now, if they come in before your vehicle is done, we may be able to install them, but then again, you need to remember, it could be well over a month or more before they are tested and ready to go!! Also, this set you see is a prototype set--there may or may not be changes done to the finished product.

And yes, the rear 6 piston brake set will come in different colors too!!!!! These will fit the 20" razors and the stock GT500 and stock KR wheels. Now, will this be part of the KR mods? I honestly do not know.


So, I hope you all enjoy them!!!!!!! So here is your sneak peek of the day!!!!!!!!!!!


ps. Don't tell Amy I did this LOL :hysterical:













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Rodney, don't get too excited -- I think Bud's talking about the color-keyed binders not 18" Alcoas :hysterical:


Bud is that right? You didn't use m/any specific nouns in that narative :shades: :poke:






That is correct :D its just the rear brake set (i think I mentioned it in the description LOL)



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I agree - Most owners need a nice Shelby brake kit that will fit the stock Shelby GT Bullitt wheels.

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What kind of cost target do you have for these?


Looks like the front kit is about $1800.00, I would suspect that the rear kit would be about the same...


I'm wondering what they are going to do about brake bias...switching from a single piston rear to six piston rears would cause a lot more brake grab on the rear without some way to adjust the bias front/rear...or at least I would think it would anyway...but I've been wrong before...


I am interested in these though since I switched to the GT500 wheels and tires, I think these in Blue would look GREAT on my car!!!!


Amy, I'll volunteer my car for fitment testing!!! LOL No, Really!!!

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