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Shelby Fuse Box Cover - Billet

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Well, I am on vacation this week and gas is too high to go anywhere, wife is working and son is hanging out with his college buds so I decided to do some work on modding the Shelby. I had ordered the Fuse Box Billet cover from SAI and when I did there was no picture available in the online catalog. I ordered anyway and was really impressed with the quality of this part. The only thing I didn't like was that it just said "Shelby" with no GT distinction, etc.


I wanted it to match the dress up engine kit for the Shelby GT as I am saving my quarters to buy that one day so I started checking around trying to find someone who would engrave the "GT" and also engrave my CSM no., but no one would touch it. Everyone was afraid they would mess it up. So I got my sister in-law to do some templates for me and then it was time to get creative. Here are the before (as delivered from SAI), the after and the installed.


Took some time and patience, but I ended up with what I wanted.


OOPS...thought I put this in the MOD section, but apparently I screwed up..If someone could move for me, I would appreciate!!







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Thanks for the comments. I will try to post the process that I used sometime tomorrow for all to see.


Steve, after seeing the process you may want to do yourself. Really not that hard, just time consuming and tedious. If after seeing the process you still need some help...just let me know and I'll see what I can do. 70 hour a week job so that's why I had to wait for vacation to do it! Wonder if our cars were in the shop at SAI at the same time?

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here is the process that I used if anyone wants to give a try......


you'll need the following:


masking tape

painters tape

rubbing alchol

12" ruler

scissors and razor blades

GT templates/CSM template

credit card or plastic bondo spreader

wax paper and tweasers

Self Etching primer (I used SEM)

Blue paint ( I used Krylon Ford Dark Blue #1923)

SEM ProMax Clear #61073)

Dupli Color Bright Red #E8800574

Of course you'll need your Shelby Fuse Box Cover - Billet from SAI (part no. 5S3Z-14A068-SL)


-first, measure your cover and find/mark center w/ masking tape at top and bottom. S/B 5 5/16 on ctr.

-trim your templates leaving enough area around the entire edges to stick (adhesive backing)

templates can be bought locally from any sign shop or other graphics type location. I would recommend you take your cover to them as they will need to measure for height of letters/no.s.

-after trimming, center the GT along the bottom edge based on the center line (do not apply yet)

-after checking, wipe area with rubbing alchol lightly to clean area and allow to dry

then peel sticky back off template and carefully line up and apply. Do Not remove the masking tape on the front of the template. That will come later.

-Apply pressure to the template with a stiff credit card or bondo spreader working from the center out in both directions. This will remove any air bubbles and make sure it sticks good.

-Now mask off the remainder of the cover using painters tape. Now you can remove the masking tape over the template but be careful not to touch.

-Apply 2 very light coats of Self Etching primer - following manufacturers directions and allow to dry

SEM recommends 1 hour dry time

-The apply 2-3 very light coats of Ford Dark Blue, again following manufacturers recommendations. (I ended up w/ 3 coats)

-I then allowed it to dry overnight.

-Next day I applied 2 coats of ProMax Clear, again very light coats and allowed it to dry 3-4 hours.

-Then remove the masking..TAKE YOUR TIME AND BE PATIENT WITH THIS.....once the painters tape is removed, you can now remove the template...slowly, very slowly...you may have to use a razor blade to "pick" the corners and if so, remember this is a soft metal...get too agressive and well, you know what will happen.


Repeat process for CSM number


-I took a pc. of waxpaper (appx 2"x3") and laid over the newly painted "GT" and taped the edges so that when i taped the entire cover I would not be puttng tape on fresh paint.

-Also, when you are finished and ready to remove the CSM template you will need to go very slow as there is more time involved using the razor blade and tweasers! You will notice that due to the size of the script, not all of the template will come off..for example if you have a no. 8, the inside circles of the 8 will need to be "picked" with razor just enough to get a grip with a good set of tweasers.


Not as bad as it sounds.....if you decide to try and have question, just let me know.....

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