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Planning a cruise from Kent to Squim's Three Crabs Restaurant


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It has been a long time since I advertised a cruise. A number of people have responded in the past but we never seem to get hooked up. The Three Crabs restaurant is on the water in Dungenus and has pretty good seafood. You will put about 200 miles on your toy over some great country roads.


Last weekend My wife, Shelby and I drove up to Sumas, Washington on the Canadian Border. We drove back on Hwy 9 and just had a blast. There was a car show in Sumas so there were some great cars on the roads having fun. We spent about $90 bucks for gas for the trip but what can you do that is more fun for less than $100.


Just let me know if these types of day trips are something people in the Northwest want to do as a group. Otherwise I will just party with the Harley Davison and Corvette folks.


Let me know

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Always up for a cruise :) some great roads up on the north end...


Thanks for the reply. If the weather is OK we plan to just drive up for a early bird dinner at Three Crabs Restaurant and then drive back home to Kent. If we get a few people together we will need to make reservations.


However, no one has PM ed me at this point.

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Here is the link to the restaurant site



We just got back from a great 222 mile adventure. There were a number of Harley's out on the road and a few older cars and a number of Corvettes. The best of all was that I got to see my first Challenger. What a beautiful car. It's owner seemed to think that my Shelby GT 500 was pretty cool too. The food was very good and the weather was great.


This kind of stuff in our cars is a bit expensive so we are cutting back to an adventure per month. I don't think I will advertise them again because of the lack of interest.


I'm sure that I will see some of you on the Levenworth trails adventure on the 17th.

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