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" 67 shelby" mod for 2005+ mustangs

Shelby N.Y.

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Found this on ebay, the price is way to much, but I think it looks pretty good, what do you guys think?

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Great idea but as you said it is way overpriced. I noticed a couple things...the description seems to suggest they do the labor using the word "price includes only doing the conversion". My question is what exactly does the word "conversion" really include? Does if mean just taking off the original skins and mounting the new ones? Does it mean that the skins are finished, fitted and painted to match the car's colors? Or does it really just mean the price includes the cost of the panels and lights and fitting them onto the car but not finished or painted to match the car?


If it means parts, mounting, painted and properly fitted to match I would say it may be worth AT BEST about $15K to $20K.

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