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New wheels!


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Hay 09GT500: Those Chrome rims look fantastic. One tip when posting the photos that another member showed me. Before you post them re-size them with your photo shop editor to a size like 1024 X 768. This way when other members go to pull them up, they are not huge and the quality is way better. They also load up much faster for us old fashioned dial up customers. Again...the rims look great. Rob

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245/45/18s up front

285/40/18 out back


go here for more info:



I think the 18x10 weighs about 28 lbs


I'll post pics this week on the new tungsten GT.




Excellent! That's the same tire size combo I'm putting on, too. My 18x10 chrome deep dish Bullitt rims weighed in at 27lbs each on a regular bathroom scale. Who knows how accurate it is :)

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