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Peru tour recap on SCCA website


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So today's kind of a light day at work with the holiday weekend coming up so I thought I'd check out the SCCA website for the first time and what do I see? A nice shot of a Shelby GT cornering (http://www.scca.org/newsarticle.aspx?hub=3&news=3383). Though it'd be nice if they're actually refer to the car as a Shelby GT instead of a Shelby Mustang.




Edit: Sory, can't get the link thing to work, but just copy and paste the website into the address bar or go directly to SCCA's website.

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Does anyone know what suspension mods etc., he's done to the car? He's not on here is he?


Jeff, he is not on here. But I spoke with Sam for quite awhile regarding set up etc. He was very helpful.


If I remember correctly here is what he ran last year: Not radical due to the rules of SOLO F-Stock


Hollow rear sway bar

Steeda billet front sway bar mounts (solid mounts) he blew out 5 sets of the Ford PP stock front mounts during the season.

Hoosier "R" compound tires on lightweight 18x9 wheels

Hawk FX compound brake pads

Tokiko Spec D adjustable shocks all around

Voltland GT500 front and rear springs


He is supposed to be testing a new front strut coil over system with adjustable camber plates built in from AST suspension with matching rears this season.


I'll have to get in touch with him between events to follow up. But you can see that with just a few adjustments to this car it really did well. The photo above was his last event and win and second place was a 07 GT500. I shows it's about how the power gets transfered to the ground.



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