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Imperfections In Body Panels

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Observed flaws in select body areas....curious if these are noted by others as well.


1) Side Scoops: mold release mark on the bottom edge of the scoops, possibly the result of "shrinkage" where plastic is injected in molds. Did not see a problem with the finish, just minor depression in plastic.This was noted on both left and right scoops across multiple cars.


2) Rocker Covers: When sighted along length and often with the aid of something reflecting off the surface, a slight depression was noted, possibly material shrinkage causing the material to contract when cooling after release from the plastic mold. Again, somewhat tough to see unless you are "following" the reflection of some stationery object along the surface. Again this was noted on both left and right covers across multiple cars.


3) Top Of Rear Quarter Panels Adjacent to Trunk Lid (the "flat" area which is a few inches wide by some 20 inches in length) CONVERTIBLES ONLY-NOT COUPES: If you again "follow" the reflection of an overhead wire or other stationery object casting a reflection on this segment and you slowly move back and forth you might notice a barely perceptible ripple or two in the panel. Very tough to see but noted on several convertibles, Shelby and regular Mustangs. Possibly the result of part stamping or stresses resulting from forming or welding, etc. Again, very very tough to see. This was noted on left and right rear quarters, but not consistently across all cars observed (or might have been too slight to be detected).


4) Heard from another about some depressions in rear quarter near gas filler door, but have not seen this first hand.


Maybe these all add to the character of the car and should be accepted and appreciated for what they are but I have read about others' concerns with "flaws", be that as they are, and just wanted to pass on these observations. If manufacturers know we're looking, they'll be looking as well.

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I haven't noticed any of that - and I don't want to. I love to just stand back and look at the entire car. If someone get's close enough to any car he can always find imperfections, depending on the person's "eye". Some things are, however, very apparent - like the dang scratch on my rear bumper stripe - its hard not to notice.

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