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New Owner - Salisbury, MD - 07SGT2728


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I'm back as a Team Shelby owner. :)

A couple of months ago, I traded my 2008 GT500, because I found I was mainly driving my 2008 Mustang Bullitt.

I didn't feel I needed two 2008 Mustangs. So, what did I do? :shrug:

Yesterday, I bought a new 2007 Shelby GT, 07SGT2728, at Winner Ford, in Dover, DE.

Due to the great prices, for new 2007 Shelby GT's, I convinced myself, I needed two new Mustangs again. :wacko:

BTW, if anyone wants to buy a new 2008 GT500 convertible for around $3,000 off MSRP, I passed on it at Koons Ford, in Annapolis, MD. Ignore the listed price at Koons Ford, which is $1,000 over MSRP, and offer $50,000, plus tax and tags only. Talk to Mike Wolyn.

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Thank you all. :)

I like different things about each of the three Mustangs.

I still enjoy the feel of driving performance vehicles. However, at 59 yoa, my days of burning rubber, racing away from traffic lights and driving more than 100 miles an hour are behind me. The funny thing is that I recently got two speeding tickets for much less egregious violations.

For my driving style, the Bullitt is the most suitable. I like the shifter the best and it has the most comfortable ride with more than enough power and handling ability. Furthermore, it is the lowest priced and can use 87 octane gas; although I use 91+.

Lest anyone think I came to the Team Shelby Forum to denigrate Shelbys, compared to the Bullitt, I must love them or I wouldn't have bought both a GT500 and a Shelby GT.

Both the GT500 and the Shelby GT are fantastic vehicles and the Bullitt will never have the Shelby mystique and heritage; let alone the overall performance.

Between the GT500 and the Shelby GT, I personally prefer the clutch and ride comfort of the Shelby GT; not to mention the price difference. However, I reiterate that they are two different fantastic cars.

I will mention that I previously owned a Saleen Mustang and a Saleen F150 truck. Shelby quality is far superior, IMO.


PS. StratGirl,

I got white with silver stripes. :)

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