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Aftermarket Pulleys

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Having had an 03 and 04 SVT Cobra I ran into issues with the idler pulleys squeeling due to the additional boost from a smaller blower pulley. Speaking with Ford Techs about the issue it appeared that the stock bearings within the pulley were not up to the additional "spin" output of the increased boost. At that time there were a few companies who manufactured a complete set of "custom" pulleys. Unlike the factory pulleys they were rebuildable. I liked that idea.


They featured press out bearings with "c" clips as retailners. Made of pure billet aluminum they were lighter, durable and functional. Not to mention very cool looking. I have developed the same "squeel" in one of my idlers and so has another member running the Whipple. Because of my past experience I have begun an R&D project relating to this issue with a prominent aftermarket machiene shop and Ford Modular specialist.


Currently we are looking at the pulley replacement. It would intale the driver upper idler, tensioner idler and the upper passenger idler pulleys. In addition I will be installing a tensioner brace. The tensioner brace, under high boost loads, tends to "walk" to the front of the car causing potential belt slippage and shredding. The brace all but eliminates "walk" and helps keep the belt true during high boost loads.


After a few measuements and a couple of spacers I think we should have a complete package. I will keep all posted as to the progress of the project and I am excited that this will have a positive long term result in the area of durability and reliability.



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Here are some installation shots of the pulley and tensioner support brace. There are some issues to work through. First the pulley shown is on the driver side upper and is 100 mm no issues. Remover the belt and then remove the bolt and pulley. Install the new pulley with the supplied bolt and your done. I chose to put their cover over the bolt hole. A decor piece that cost about $11.


The support brace was easy as well. I can also see that the extra support will be helpful during high boost runs. Remove the 3 bolts and simply install the 3 spacers between the tensioner and brace and install the supplied bolts. There are 2 large spacers and 1 small. The small diameter spacer is placed in the middle.


The issue I have is the upper idler pulley. As you can see in the photo's below there is a block brace made of billet. I'm am not sure if this is on all cars or just the Whippled cars. The 90 mm pulley is 38 mm in depth. The facrory pulleys are 30 mm in depth. It appears to fit fine without the billet bracket but rubs slightly. I will need to use a shim washer to pull the pulley out about 3-4 mm for proper clearance.


Here are the photo's









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