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The Team Shelby Off Road Club


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Fess up if you have joined the Team Shelby Off Road Club! I joined 3 weeks after I bought my coupe when I went off track with all 4 wheels at the TWS event. Confirmed it again this past weekend at Hallett when I took my car 4 wheels off on the first day and then took the Ford Spec Racer off road twice with 4 wheels and once with 2 wheels. I know that Sprint200 joined this group this weekend as well :hysterical:

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I did at sebring, if you don't go off once you aren't driving hard enough. I have some video of it, though its very uneventful looking.

A good driver makes it LOOK uneventful. But when you're in the car traveling 75 mph+ and it's leaving the pavement, there's a bit of a pucker factor :hysterical:


You just have to trust that the car is going to go where it is going to go, and don't try to avoid it! Let it go off; hold it straight and slowly merge back on-track.


And actually I went 4-wheels off twice last week. Once when the tires were cold from following slow cars for 2 laps; hit corner #1 at regular speed (~75mph) and no grip' just went wide to the right of the exit point.


Second time was a late turn-in at corner #9 going CW; hit the marbles and .....................

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