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Hi All,

Just a note to say hi and thanks to this forum, I am the proud owner of a blue/white 08 gt 500.

I happened on to this site from a link on mustang forum back in May, always wanted a gt500, but I wasn't going to pay adm. I saw one day that a dealership had posted 2 gt 500 for msrp about 70 miles from me and the rest is history. :happy feet: :dance: I also have a 06 mustang gt that has been my passion/hobby the pass couple of years. Guess which one is my ddpost-21128-1213537717.jpg


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Thanks for the warm welcome, I did mod the heck out of the GT...was at the point of thinking about adding a saleen charger and bigger brakes. I thought the better of it and got the real deal instead.

I dont think that I will go too far with the modding, went too far with the GT, alittle too stiff and low for a DD. I think exhaust will be first on the list. Got Magnaflow axlebacks on GT, thinking about switching out to the Shelby and give it a listen. MAN, this is FUN!!!

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