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SLP Loudmouth

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Well my new axle back SLP Loudmouth muffler deletes arrived the other day and after installing them and putting some miles on them, I'm pretty pleased. I've had some experience with some of the other muffler packages out there and they have a pretty severe drone running down the freeway, this was something that I really did not want in my car. I was really concerned as I waited for the muffler deletes to arrive that they would be WAY to loud, its pretty counter intuitive the idea that with no mufflers the drone cruising down the freeway could be eliminated. The car is very mellow at idle a little throatier then with the GTA's and there is very little change while driving down the freeway, but when you stuff your foot in it you get the beautiful V8 music most of us are looking for and they are fairly loud, but totally at your discretion, so for me its a pretty sweet setup. :happy feet:

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