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Step One Accomplished!!!


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After months and months of reading these forums, the stars finally aligned and I ORDERED A 2009 GT500 this afternoon! :happy feet: Black (here comes another member of the black mafia!!!), red stripe package, HID headlights. I was able to work out a deal with my dealer for $650 below MSRP, so we signed the contract! Now for the uneasy part...the dealer has not yet received their 09 allocation as of yet but will be talking with their Ford rep on Monday. So until it's officially ordered I'm keeping my fingers crossed. Of course, the other think that can honk this deal up is what I've read about only 300 red stripe packages being made in 09. So more to come...


Thanks to all with your posts, those really helped me decide on the color, options, etc. Maybe now I can start getting over the fact that I sold my GT350H nineteen years ago.....

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That is correct. The red appearance package is available on both coupe and vert for 09, but it is limited to a TOTAL of 300 units.


They have open demand where any dealer can order one that gets allocation, but they are cut off after the first 300 ordered.


It also appears that they might only be scheduling the white and black coupes to start. I say this because those are the only two colors that are showing up in the locator search field. It doesn't list any verts to search or any other colors other than black or white which is the only colors you can get the red appearance package.


I thought that seemed odd because I have never seen that before where locator only shows a certain color without listing all the colors available. So I don't know if that means anything or not, but it is odd how it shows that.


Does your dealer know they are going to be charged a $750 fee for the 09 allocation?


I have a 09 Black Coupe ordered with Red Appearance Package and I do have allocation. My order has been pulled and I have a full vin issued.

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Thanks Shelby Dude, you are one of the posters I have relied on for information for the past several months. In fact, if something fell through with my dealer since you're reasonably close I was thinking of using you as a backup. This dealer is a fairly large dealership and has sold many GT500s , Ford GTs, etc. in the past, and I am sure they are aware of the GT500 fee. I was able to leverage my past business as a way to get a below MSRP deal. I did think it odd that he has not received his allocation yet when others, including you, have. But I am first up when they get theirs. They did mention they got an 08KR allocated that's currently at SAI being finished, it will be on ebay.


By the way, the ordering info implied you could get the red stripe package with any color, not just black or white....

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The order guide only shows the package is available. It doesn't show any info about it.


Here is the announcement on it:





June 11, 2008



To: All Ford Dealers

Subject: EFC0200677DC 2009MY Shelby GT500 Red Stripe Appearance Package




Limited Edition Red Stripe Appearance Package option now available on 2009MY Mustang Shelby GT 500 Coupe & Convertible.






'09MY Mustang Shelby GT 500 Red Stripe Appearance Package

Order Codes 54R + 31S + D95

$1,650 MSRP / $1,386 WSD




Eligible Units

Body Code:

Order Code:


2009 Mustang Shelby GT 500 ordered with:




White (HP) or Black (UA) Exterior Color

Black & Red Leather Interior (GR)

Red Stripe Option Code (54R)

31S & D95 Ship-Thru Codes


T89 820A







Package Contents

Order Codes




Red Stripe Appearance Package Includes:



Bright RED Top & Side Stripes


Red and Black Leather Interior


Unique, RED Exterior Badges:

- Fender Cobras

- Grille Cobra

- Faux Gas Cap

- "SHELBY" Deck Lid



Unique NEW Premium Carpeted Floor Mats – Ebony Carpet with Red and Silver Embroidered 'Cobra Snake'


Shelby GT500 Car Cover

54R + 31S + D95






Order Timing Information



Available in CONCEPS From: Today

To: Remainder of '09 Model Year


Package at free demand during above production period up to a limited production run of 300

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Okay, so... If I visit my dealer this week and ask them about the 2009 Shelbys, they should be able to give me SOME sort of info about availability? I'm really frustrated here... I live in Miami and wow is it hard to find dealers with sales personnel who actually know information about a upcoming car or at least really try to find some for you. They only try once they got the car... It's that they just a bunch of ppl who don't care and dont know shit. All they know is: Oh yes, we got this car here. Want to buy it? Oh ok, it's a special eddition so, we will charge you a ridiculous ammount. Yeah, it has a motor and four wheels... RETARDED! Every time I go to the dealer I wanna walk out fisting people's faces.


My situation is simple. I want to buy the car, I want to be among the first to order, I just want to know when I can order it or at least be notified once it can be ordered. So simple... If they had the mental capacity for this, they would know I would gladly leave them a tip for their help. But no, they are just clueless and refuse to go out of their way. They spend most of the day sitting in a circle under a tree talking.


If you are from Miami and you visit Midway Ford, you will know exactly what I mean. Sad thing is, they are one of the largest Ford dealers in my area. They've sold a bunch of GT-500s these past 2 years. Yet, they refuse to help untill the car arrives at the dealer... It happened to me in 07 and 08 and cause of that I was too late to leave a deposit both times. I guess they just wait for the people who come and pay for them 60k+ cash. Then after those are out, they take deposits...


Alright, so, dealer should be capable of attaining some information now or within this month, right?

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Yes, my dealer is in the St. Louis region and they definitely had all the info. They pulled up the 2009 pricing, options, etc. on the computer, we sat down and I selected what I wanted, argued a bit over price (which actually was not too difficult), wrote a contract, gave them a $500 deposit, and that's that. They have not yet received their allocation as I said but they expect to get at least 1 or 2. Your experience sounds awful, maybe their large size makes them so arrogant....how about finding another dealer? Remember they are limiting the 09 production to 3000 units so it's probably better to act quickly unless you want to take your chances with the 2010s and the "new body style". (Although a KR-style hood and ram air, if it materializes, would be pretty cool)

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