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DYNO JET RESULTS for 605 SuperSnake / 40th

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Hey guys,


After I had my HID headlights installed today at AMP performance in PHX. We put the car on the DynoJet......


The 605 Supersnake package pulled 515 RWHP

The 735 EVO Stage 1 Tune pulled 540 RWHP.


I have the graphs I will scan in later tonight......


It is over 110 here today, and so these numbers are about right......EVO stated all their pulls are done at 65 -75 degrees.


Also, the EVO tune runs REALLY RICH......Down in the 10's the entire pull.....The shelby tune is better.......However, for a mail order tune, and 91 octane, I guess this is pretty decent......



The HID lights look awesome on the car......


Will try to post the dyno graphs later.....



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I have this on my 40th. Something does not seem correct. The tune is supposed to be 735, 130 more then the other, but the RWHP is only 25 more.....help me understand??? Unless you meant 640 rwhp...





NO, I was sorta shocked as well about the numbers......I called EVO and whomever answered the phone there said, there could be a million reasons why I did not pull higher numbers....The short list being,


108 in Phoenix yesterday

Car was driven to dyno and then pulled, so pretty hot.

He said he would expect to see at least 590RWHP if pulled cold, which would be close to their claim of 622Rwhp for their TVS stage 1!


anyways, I will not be seeing 65-70 temps until end of October again, so will dyno again come late fall and compare.....



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When comparing the TVS Stage 1 and the straight stock Shelby tune the difference is 25 rwhp. Side by side under the almost exact comparison the claim of the EVO was way off and the claim of Shelby was right on. Let me just clarify that these pulls were done the same day under the same conditions. Also, do you have NGK plugs? Would that matter?

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