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I am nearly speechless, this ride is so badass!!!

Picked her up on Monday in NorCal and drove her home along the coast on the 1 and 101 highways, starting just north of the Golden Gate Bridge. Just an epic day, between the experience of finally scoring a GT500 and the beautiful weather and the drive home along the Pacific, just breathtaking on a number fronts! I clocked just over 500 miles on the way home in about 10 hours, a good break in utilizing all gears and speeds and RPMs.

The last 3 months since I placed the order was tough, I have not had time go by that slow since I was 7 and waiting for Christmas to come! But that was just the end part of the wait, it really began 2 years ago when the GT500 came out, wait, it actually began over 30 years ago when I was a boy and fell in love with Mustangs, especially Shelbys! So a long wait indeed has been rewarded with a ride that exceeds every expectation that I had for it, and those expections were high and this car satisfies!!!!

And a few shots for ya!!!






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Very nice and thanks for the photos (good to see that people know the rules, i.e., you cannot tell us about your new ride without photos). You had what I call "Chamber of Commerce" weather. That is the kind of weather when they take all the post card photos. Enjoy.


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