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Had it on the plan but the plan fell through. Can't really take any more time out of work. :( Very sad indeed. I was really looking forward to attneding and doing some serious track time.


There's always next year though.

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I hope someone takes lots and lots of pictures and video as I cannot attend due to bad back injury. Can only drive if loaded up on pain killers let alone drive from Florida and doubt I'd make it past Orlando. :angry22:


Since Bud and the boys are still putting the mods on my 08, was going to bring my very rare 1992 SAAC MKI Griggs equipped Mustang so there would be something 'unusual' to look at. lol Since every other owner of these rare Mustangs are too scared to bring them out, would have been fun challenging the newbies... :slapfight:


Next year

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