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Finished procharger install on sgt5532

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Here are the final numbers for now on my White 2007 SGT #5532 with a Procharger Stage II Kit, tuned at just over 460hp to the wheels, and 405 torgue. Runs great. Up next is the 1-piece drive shaft, and rear control arms. Then saving for the forged bottom end, so I can crank up the boost a little more.

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as for a review here goes:


Over all the install wasn't that bad took me and a buddy 10 hrs to install this Procharger Stage II kit. The hardest part was getting the piping connected in front of the engine, since it is so tight. Kit came with everything needed. 39lb injectors, diablosport tuner, diablosport MAFia, 3 core inter-cooler, with 3inch tubing, new a/c fan and shroud, coolent reservoir, bypass valve, and a crappy piggyback fuel pump. I say crappy, because I had issues with the piggy back pump, and read articles about burning up your ecu because of them, and it was dropping fuel pressure in the rails under high loads from 60lbs of pressure down to 13lbs. So I installed the GT-500 pump and everything works great now. I also had to switch to a SCT tuner since the Pro-charger tune doesn't work right with the shelby (told by pro-charger this, after they said it should work.)


Overall I am am happy with this kit. I like the centrifugal because when I'm cruising around, its hard to tell anything is done to it, and it drives like a normal SGT, till you floor it and it takes off. Sitting at a light you can hear the S/C though. I have the stock tires and if I punch it from a dig the wheels squeal at first and I take off and then around 4500 rpms they start squealing again till about 5500 rpms, and continues to just pull to 6700 rpms.


If anyone is looking at a S/C kit, that won't be getting done at SAI I would suggest this kit. Yea a roots is nice to have the power down low, but I like the street-ability of the centrifugal, with the same power and ET's.


I just got it running right and I already want more. Don't get me wrong 460+ RWHP is all good, but I think I've got a speed addiction. I'm all ready looking into a bottom end and a smaller pulley. The ultimate goal is around 650 RWHP. I'm getting the aluminum drive-shaft this week, then control arms for right now.

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