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New guy here

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It was only a matter of time before I was to be the owner of a 2007 GT 500. Mine is white and silver stripes.

I live in San Antonio Texas and I bought mine from Jordan Ford in San Antonio last year and have only put 400 miles on it.

I have had numerous Fords since the 60s. Being an old guy, I had the joy of owning a '69 Fairlane Cobra 428CJ Ramair 4speed and a 4.30 DL, a 70 Boss 302 and numerous FE powered cars and a couple of race cars.

But the car that I am most proud of having a part in is a 1967 427 MR Fairlane. This car now belongs to my brother and is a remake of a national record holder from New Jersey in SS/C Known as the Downing and Ryan car. You can see more detail of this at www.goingthing.com. If you love factory super stock cars you will enjoy this site...it is my brothers. So all in all I like the factory muscle cars and race cars especially the cars wearing the Blue Oval. I have never had anything right out of the box that pulls like this Shelby that I have now. The 428Cj cars were awesome in their day but what I have now is spectacular. I plan to do some changes on this car and look forward to seeing the results. Right now I am in Brazil on an industrial construction project but I scan this site and several others every evening. So when I do get home Ill get my toy out ,add this or that and just enjoy. I am glad to have found this site where we all have the same passion Shelbys/Fords. What can I say...just glad to be here! Old guys and old school still rocks!

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Welcome aboard....I love the way old cars looked and that what got me in Shelby besides the legendary name that am fan of Mr. Shelby.


the link is www.thegoingthing.com and i enjoyed surfing that site,






Am quoting from that site:


"Charles recently released another book titled Factory Lightweights: Detroits Drag Racing Specials of the 60’s. This book covers all makes but it is quite evident that Charles is a Ford Guy! 2 of John Downings’ cars are featured in this book along with the NHRA National Record certificate where John set a new SS/B National Record at 11.42 in May of 1967."


Wow if then they had 11.42 out of the box and that is a Z06 eater...that tells me how heavy our cars are getting now...AMAZING RECORD..!!!

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