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Even total lunatics love the SGT.


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So I am working in my shop late and I got the windows open. I hear some guy babbling on and on and on about the Shelby, Mr. Shelby and how that car is one bad machine, and whoever he is talking to just does not understand. I look out the window and I thought the guy was on the phone. No problem, drunk guy babbling on phone. Drunks love the SGT by the way, I live near a few nightclubs I drive by on the way home sometimes. This dude goes on for about 30-40 minutes. I look outside again and dude is crouched down touching the front wheel. I go down and meet him. The dude was not drunk. He agreed that messing with other folks cars was not a good idea, especially at that time. I realize he was talking to himself the whole time. Then he explained that his whole life wound up at this point where the two hills meet at my building and whereupon he found my car parked, the most beautiful car ever, no object in the whole planet was finer he said. He was in total awe. I then realized he was either insane or on drugs, he did not have the junkie eyes. But man this dude was way out there. Offered him a cab, but he insisted on the alley after I told him about the pretty fluffy pine trees down there. City living.....pretty funny.


Even lunatics get sucked in by the looks of the SGT! :hysterical:

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def a stoner........


but thats pretty scanny...........


two hills huh.......




after the storms pass by today...maybe I'll go for a drive and maybe...just maybe...between two hills...I'll find a piece of paper with next weeks lottery numbers on it...





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