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New Supercharger for GT's


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Forced Air Performance Supercharger Kit





Rotrex C38 Supercharger


7:1 drive ratio

Unique charger design offers all the low-end benefits of a twin-screw/roots unit

High efficiency compressor design has the best top-end characteristics on the market

Self contained oiling system with steel braided lines

Oil system installs simply with AN fitting and manufactured lines

Supercharger oil should be changed every 50,000 miles or once per year

Super Capacity Liquid to Air Intercooler


One of the highest efficiency intercoolers that is compact and easy to install

High quality electric coolant pump the same unit as used by several OEM's

Push lock coolant hoses

Bar & Plate Liquid-to-Air intercooler

Large aluminium front mount Tube & Fin heat exchanger

Industry leading weld quality for custom look

Supercharger brackets and pulleys all machined from billet aluminium


Billet 7075 dampener, FEAD pulley and blower drive pulley (replaces OEM dampener to eliminate broken crank bolts that plague competitors)

8 rib drive belt system with tensioner

The separate supercharger drive belt eliminates slip and broken belts

Main bracket comes pre-assembled

High-Speed bearings used in all idlers for long lasting performance

Oversize Air-By-Pass System for quieter operation without air pressure noise


High Flow Air Filter


Replacement performance fuel injectors


Optional electronic tuning via OBDII electronic downloader


Complete installation in about 4 hours





Sounds promising, I'll have to keep tabs on this kit as it develops. This month's 5.0 Mustangs and Fast Fords is supposed to test the kit so I'll have to go get a copy. :happy feet:

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The new 5.0 Mustangs and Super Fords has an article on it pg 94. It is different in how it drives the impeller and can achieve impeller speeds of 200k RPM sounds like its somewhat of a blend of turbo and supercharger technology.

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OK, someone educated me. Sure looks like a centrifugal blower from the pictures provided. The head unit looks like any Paxton or Vortech out there, so how does it build instant boost like a twin screw?


From the Rotrex web site:


Key to the Rotrex supercharger's unique compactness, efficiency, low noise and reliability is its state of the art traction drive technology.


Great speeds and low noise are just some of the advantages of traction drives over traditional gear transmissions. Traction drives transmit power through friction forces between its rolling elements.


The Rotrex patented traction drive uses an elastic annulus with a small pre-span to secure contact between the roller planets and the sun shaft with a reasonable force. The patented "ramp effect" increases efficiency and reliability in the transmission by regulating the torque transfer capability on demand through self-adjusting planet geometry.


To enhance performance, the Rotrex traction drive uses a special traction fluid. These fluids are a new family of synthetic hydrocarbon oils and greases offering a series of unique performance advantages. Developed specially for its use in Rotrex superchargers, the SX100 momentarily increases viscosity under high surface pressure, enhancing the traction drive performance by securing the optimum friction between rolling elements while cooling and protecting the system.


This traction drive combined with the latest technology in centrifugal compression, characterized by high adiabatic efficiency and low noise, gives Rotrex superchargers an exceptional competitive edge over any other forced induction solution.


Every Rotrex product, from concept to market, goes through an efficient and strict development process following the highest industrial quality standards. The entire process is led by our highly capable staff in collaboration with clients, suppliers and partners to ensure the highest customer satisfaction. Before final release to the market, every product passes through demanding approval tests, fully monitored and controlled.


The traction technology inside every Rotrex supercharger demands extremely accurate components and assembly. The manufacturing of our superchargers is therefore highly developed, involving efficient quality control and supply chain management.


The key advantages of the patented traction drive design are:



Speed up to 250,000 rpm

Efficiency up to 98 percent




Low cost



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I think I saw their step up ratio as being much higher than a Paxton or Vortech, but as moabman pointed out, that likely hurts the top end. Also, the increased friction they mention (for their traction drive) implies more heat being generated. Heat is not a good thing in a unit that already produces a lot of heat. And, if you have to use a proprietary oil and change it every 5,000 miles, the maintenance cost/time may errode any performance advantage. As much as I didn't want to punch holes in my oil pan, the trade off is that my supercharger will get fresh oil every 3,000 miles during routine oil changes with no additional labor or expense.

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Jim - check out where the Procharger intake sits in the engine compartment. It's facing the firewall.



Yeah I saw that. Tons of people are running them without problems so I'm not too worried about that. Plus the Saleen hood puts the vent right over the air intake on the Procharger. :happy feet:


My second choice would be the Paxton set up just like on the Shelby GT's. It's at least a year off before I do any thing so I have plenty of time to research.

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The Paxton set up is the same as my Vortech.


I have noticed that the Paxton & Vortech look identical. All the intake/discharge tubes look like they're made from the same company. Is it possible that both companies are outsourcing and they are really one in the same product?

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I've been told they're one and the same.


If I had to guess, I'd say Paxton (which used to be McCullough back in the day, and is the older of the two companies) is likely the maker, while Vortech may be buying their wares from them and remarketing them? Of course, I don't really know who owns who anymore.

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I'm totally confused over this supercharger thing, need a little advice.


I want to improve the performance of my car without killing my gas milage. I originally thought that by switching to a centri supercharger, I could granny shift the car keeping it out of boost and not hurt the gas milage. Now I'm starting to think the Saleen may be the better bet as the boost comes on early and I won't have to run the car as hard.


I don't beat on my car every time I drive it, mostly I just drive it normally and then get on it when I feel like playing. I'm looking for about 400 rwhp, don't really care to push it any further than that. Changing gears is also out due gas consumption.



Which supercharger would you guys get if you were in my position ???

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If I had to guess, I'd say Paxton (which used to be McCullough back in the day, and is the older of the two companies) is likely the maker, while Vortech may be buying their wares from them and remarketing them? Of course, I don't really know who owns who anymore.

Shelby is installing Vortech's on his SGT's in Vegas.

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I'm getting 20 around town and 29-30 at 60 mph.


I get crud for mileage, but chalk it up to the big stall converter I had installed in my auto trans. Any slight throttle input flashes the rpm's waaaaay up, which generates instant boost, which in turn kills my mileage. I'm getting 12-13 mpg in town and 20 tops on the highway at any speed - slow or fast.


Without the converter flash, I suspect #'s like Ruf's would be much easier for me to achieve, especially with a good dyno tune. Therefor, getting a centrifugal and staying light on the throttle at lower revs would likely equate to better fuel economy than a roots/TS blower that makes instant boost at low rpm's.

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I'm going to do a tank-to-tank full mileage check. Of course, it's going to give me a combined mpg figure.


I'm skeptical of the computer readout. 30 mpg at 60 mph sounds hard to believe.


I don't know how that system works or whether or not the new tune is affecting its accuracy.

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