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Hisssss Dyno run after JBA install


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So today after work I headed down to the tuner to get a few runs in on Hisssss and sort out my new tune and figure what I had really gained with the JBA exhaust install. I was hoping for 20 rwhp and around the same in tq, but thats not what I ended up with.



Here is the vid of the shop, and I think the second pull, we were still farting around with the A/F ratio, there are all kinds of cool toys in there... :yup:



and here is what we ended up with,

543 RWHP-(no gain at all.. <_<) but did pick up about 30ftlbs of torq.. ;) to about 600rwtq. The torq curve was a bit better longer and flatter than last run without the LT headers too, which makes sense.


I was just a bit disapointed, but I expect the JBA exhaust to pay off when the Whipple makes its apearance... :spend:


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