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SLP Loudmouths?


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I have done alot of research and soundclip listenings and I am torn between getting Boomtubes or

SLP loudmouths for exhaust.


Can someone help me out with a good comparison of the two?

Are loudmouths so loud inside the car that you cannot take trips with them?

Do they set off car alarms on startup all the time?


What is the sound difference? Is it noticable between volume of loudmouths and the boomtubes?

If so how much?

What about tone difference? How much is there?

Drone difference?



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I've been trying to make this same decision, I believe that the Borla 11750 is essentially the same as the M-5230-5GT. Those are just axle back systems. There is also the M-5230-SGT for the GT500, its the same package as the 5GT but with a double baffle system.

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