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Dont kill me, its for a friend: Saleen 2005-2006 4.6 Supercharger kit for sale

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For sale for $4300 PRICE HAS BEEN LOWERED FROM $4600!


My roommate managed to snag a Saleen supercharger kit for a 2005 - 2006 model Mustang 4.6L He asked me to post it up on these forums for him, as he is trying to sell it. I have personally seen him pull the entire contents of the box out and inspect it, and I must say it is clean and in perfect condition. It is unused, with all the components for it in factory sealed bags. These usually go for $5k+ on other auctions on Ebay. Here is his post from another forum:


This supercharger is for a 05-06 Mustang Gt. I purchased this because i wasnt sure if i wanted the whipple or the Saleen. I decided on the whipple, then because my car was becoming more of a saleen i purchased this to swap, but now im trying to sell the car. Now i need to liquidate pretty much everything so this blower has to go. This kit is brand new and it was only taken out of the box to inspect everything. It contains everything that you will need to install on your GT. Not looking for any trades and i really need to get the money for it as i am trying to get a GT500.


I can get it shipped from me in orange county to anywhere in continuous US for $4670 (work for fedex), or if you are local you can pick it up for 4600. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.


Some pictures of the supercharger:





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