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Drag Racing a C5 Vette


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I am going to the drag strip with our local Corvette club on June 7th. The plan is to beat the Z06s with the new TVS Stage 3 and MT DRs. However, a good friend of mine is running his C5 Vette with an automatic. It's his first time at the drag strip and I wanted to help him out.


Any recommendations on his tire pressure? I think he's running 305s....whatever is stock on that style Vette. Since he's running an automatic, does he just leave it in drive or "manually" shift from 1st.....


I know I shouldn't be helping the bowties, but I'm not too worried about running slower than him. I ran 12.5 before the TVS on stock tires and I don't think he will break 13.


Thanks for any input.

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