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new shelby pics and video


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I am already in trouble for false advertising. Promised my wife the tach and speedo would be very easy to read.......... From the drivers seat. My favorite thing about car is when she is in pass seat she cannot see the speedo at all and the tach only up to 2500 rpm. :D :lol: :rolleyes: :banvictory: :happy feet:




My wife is a speedo watcher as well. I get quite a bit of satisfaction to know that if she wants to continue doing it she will have to sit in the back seat :bandance:

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Guest evilchris

He's mad because I think people who drive 140 past soccermoms while driving with one hand and filming their boost gauge are idiots. Not going anywhere bud, so SEE YA!


People who do STUPID SHIT like going 140 on public roads weaving in and out of traffic ruin LIFE for everyone else.

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