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GT 500 sighting in MA


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Not sure if it was a members car.

A White/blue GT500 coupe heading south on I-95 near Woburn MA. at 10:15 am.

Other than planned meetings, this was my First encounter of another GT500 since 1/4/07.

Unfortunatley, I was in my work vehicle and couldn't tag along.

I know there are other cars around here and it would be great to finally start seeing them

on the road. Keep on driving it!

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Bummer! I just missed it. I was literally there about 10 minutes afterwards. I was in a training class at the Burlington Marriott heading down to the office in Cambridge. Didn't have my Shelby though.

I usually use the Mass Pike from Westborough to Cambridge. 2 weeks ago I saw a red/white GT500 on the pike. A week later I drove my Shelby to Cambridge but I was nervous all day parking in the garage. Had it covered.

You should go to O'Reilly's Roast Beef in Framingham from 3 to 8 Saturdays. Check my blog for the address. I will update it tonight. If so I will see you there.


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