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Speed Bleeders

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Looks like you can get a re-usable, no mess bag to hook up to the bleed valve so no brake fluid squirting everywhere either. Think I'm gonna go ahead and grab some of these for that price.





I would think you could also slip a plastic tubing over the outlet screw and place it in a glass bottle. That way it would be less likely to draw any air back into the system also.

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I had these on a couple of my cars and they DO work. Well worth the $.


Agree. Used them on my race car one season. Only down side is after a number of uses, the sealant material on the threads wears off, you have to re-paint it on and bake it. The wife complaind about me using her oven to do the baking and as often as you bleed brakes on a race car, the maintenance on the speed bleeders bacame a PITA. Eventually my speed bleeders just got used like regular bleeders.


On a street car bleeding brakes maybe a few times a year, definitely worth investing in.




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