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Question for Shelby GT/SC Owners

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Has anyone experimented with the Strut Tower Brace for V6 Mustangs (FRPP p/n M-20201-F)? Some Mustang GT owners have found that it will clear the intake plenum cover by about half an inch. It says FRPP on the top of it similar to our stock Shelby GT brace and it's the same piece used on the Bullitt Mustang (except that one has Bullitt on it).


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Edit: The brace needs some modification to fit over the Roush supercharger:

Bullitt with Roush supercharger


But the Roush blower has that huge flange where the inlet from the throttlebody meets with the blower casing. The Whipple doesn't.

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:yup: Oh yeah, it's going to fit!


I just stopped be the Ford dealership where my hood's being fixed. They have a Bullitt in the showroom, so I popped in to inspect the strut tower brace. I felt underneath the Bullitt placard in the middle of the brace and sure enough, the Ford Racing logo is embossed in the brace under the Bullitt tag. I also noticed that's there's enough clearance to fit a four inch intake tube under the brace and over the fuel rail. It has a pretty silver powder coat too!

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