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Haven't been upgraded to 'Member' yet

03 DSG Snake

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I ordered up the Team Shelby package yesterday, but my Member Status is still the same as it was before.


Just wondering how long it takes.





:happy feet:


Sending flowers to Sharon or a couple of boxes of White Castle sliders to Grabber might help things along? I've also heard a bag of new micro fiber towels sent to Michael Morris can get the job done in a timely fashion.


Have you done any of the above?


If not, it could take a loooooong time... :hysterical2:

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Hey, what about me? I'm the one who does the upgrades? I guess it's :jackinbox: :hysterical:


OK OK... Sorry to leave you out Robert. 03 DSG Snake, looks like you can forget all the others and just send Robert a cool key fob with a Ford or Shelby logo on it, or the year-end review of Magazine Booty...Here's a 'clean' no nasty-girl preview


Either way, he'll be a happy camper and get your membership listed ASAP.


Cheers to the Booty :beerchug: And welcome aboard 03 DSG Snake

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