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Car Show Response


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Our Mustang club went to a good size car show in Duncan, about 30 miles north of Vic. We had 16 member cars drive up, and we won club participation. There were about 400 cars, from a ’28 Essex to the off-the-showroom floor Shelby! (guess who’s? hehe)


I think I can divide the public in three categories –

Chev fans who read Car and Driver

Other car fans that don’t

And those that knew it was a Mustang, but there was something definitely different. Lots of double takes and pointing going on!


Surprising though, five guys walked up at different times and asked how the heck I got a car so soon, their dealers were talking September-October. Three of them are dealing with KingCobra’s dealership, and they are as pissed as James is. Two others are getting their cars from my dealership, and then there were people who knew people who are getting a couple others. So there may be 8 Shelbys on the island by next spring.


I had lots of interesting conversations and questions, some very nice compliments. Most centred on the driveability of a car with 500 HP, and how the does a mechanic knows what he’s doing under the hood!


And I made a new friend, who reads this site. Toby is one of the two getting his car at my dealer. He postponed his trip to his cabin when he read that I would be bringing the Shelby to Duncan – now that’s Shelby spirit!

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