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Checked out another dealer today.


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Well today I was in the area of another Ford dealer about an hour from my house. I had talked to them about a year ago and they told me that they weren't getting one. I called them about a month ago and they said that they were getting one in and the sales lady took my name and number. I went in today and talked to her and she told me that they had a vin number now and thought they would be getting it in pretty soon. It's Red w/ white like I want but I don't know what else it has and no one knew that was there. She went and talked to the sales manager and he came out of his second level glass office and told me that they were looking for 64-65 grand for it. The sales lady started asking me for my info to contact me before he came out and at this point I told her thank you, but there was no reason for her to take my name down as I would not pay over MSRP. The Manager heard me and gave me a look of disgust and went back into his office. I then thanked her and start to walk out when she asked me to stop and she said that she still wanted my info because the manager pulled the same thing with the Ford GT that she just sold. She then went on to explain that he first wanted 40 grand over MSRP and then 20 grand and she just sold it for MSRP + tax today. She said that she knew that the manager was fishing for the most money and that it would eventually get down to MSRP. She also said that she has friends at 5 other dealerships and that she was sure that she could get me one in the future at MSRP if they sold the one they have coming in for more.


I think this is a good sign that dealerships are just fishing right now in my area for the fast buck. This dealership is only about 10 miles from the one I talked too about 2 weeks ago and lied to the poor guy and sold it to him for 80 grand. I think he might feel that he missed the boat on the high AMD's and by the time he gets his in about a month or so people aren't going to pay it. Not only that but with the other Shelby hitting the streets in a few months it's taking some of the wind out of high ADM's on the GT500.

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