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Thanks for the help


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Thanks for the help you guys!!!!! We bought a 08 vista blue gt conv. I was happy with the price, got in walnut creek. I reminds me a little of my first car, a 65 2+2 with the hurst shifter and the white ball. Have a lot of good memories with that car. There is still one that I know of at the dealership in WA, the guys at the dealership were real nice and wanted to help, and now they know that they can sell it in CA!

Next thing, I have not had a ride that I gave a crap about the paint and upholstery in a while. I want to do the right thing with it inside and out, any suggestions? The car had 17 mi on it and lived its whole life, I think 2 months on the showroom floor. I took the window stickers off and saved them for some guy that needs to get excited about it in 20 years from now!

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