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WASHINGTON/SEATTLE ara members: I am looking for a Wrench in the greater Seattle area....

Gun Oil

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Title say it all....Looking for a late model Mustang/Shelby friendly shop in the Seattle/Redmond area....


Would prefer to deal with a shop that understands Anal Shleby owner's and their issues!


Sooner the better!


Thanks in advance! :superhero:

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and I thought you said wench. :speedie:




"Wenches" need not apply....that I already have! :spiteful:


Now back to the topic at hand...




Someone must have mechanical contacts around here....Looking for someone to do my Steeda Vert springs, and my Porterfield pads swap.

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Marysville Speed and Custom, http://www.marysvillespeed.com/


Brads Custom Auto Seattle http://www.bradscustomauto.com/html/about.html


Speedware Motor Sports in Redmond, http://www.speedwaremotorsports.com/


Good Luck


Thanks for the tips.....I was trying to remeber "Brad's" I had heard about them from my Corvette Z06 Forum a few years ago.....I couldn't remeber their name. :doh:


Will call them and Speedware too......

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