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GT500 Spoiler Stripes

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I got my stripes for my GT500 spoiler from Grahpics Express and they are W I D E!!! 12 inches wide! Just curious if anyone else on here has used this stripe set and if so, how did you trim the stripes up to fit? did you have to trim both outside edges?, Left edge or Right edge of left stripe? Left edge or Right edge of right stripe? I haven't taken them out of the package yet, don't have time to mess with them this afternoon since my step son graduated from College today and we're having a dinner for him this evening, but I'm sure I'll be working on it tomorrow, so any help would be greatly appreciated...


At least these stripes appear to be somewhat curved to match the spoiler, so it's not like it's straight tape going on and trying to figure out how to curve it...just need to know which side(s) to trim off to make it match our little 9 inch stripes...




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