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GT500 Spoiler Stripe Pictures

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Guys, I have ordered my GT500 spoiler for my SGT, and I need to order the stripes today...can some of you who have done this mod post some pics of the stripes on the spoiler? I saw a GT500 this weekend up close, and I didn't like the way the stripes were not at the very front edge of the spoiler or at the very bottom edge of the rear of the spoiler...there was about a 1/4 inche gap at the front and the bottom on the back...Is the GT500 Stripe long enough to cover the spoiler without the gaps??? HELP PLEASE!!! Is there another stripe I need to order? ones that go over the roof maybe??? I know that's overkill, but I want to be sure I have enough to cover the spoiler like I want it to be covered...without any gaps if at all possible...


Thanks in advance,

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