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JLT Evolution Performance CAI

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Received my JLT CAI and SCT tuner from Evolution Performance yesterday. I was like a kid on Christmas, with the hood up at 6:55 this morning. Install took 45 minutes, and I'm no master mechanic. The custom tune was the part I was most concerned about and it's a piece of cake; less than 5 minutes. Before I ordered, I e-mailed Fred about what power increase to expect without changing from the 91 octane fuel that's readily available around here. He replied - 90 rwhp! After taking it out for a drive, my butt says that sounds just about right. Really wakes it up and I love the increased whine from the supercharger when you kick it. More HP, more fun! I lasted less than 4 months with the stock output; I wonder how long I'll stay at this level?



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