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Lady just won GT500 on Price is Right

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Lucky Beeatch! :slapfight::banghead::redcard:


Just joking...good for her, and it's also great way to promote the product to non "Shelbyites" too.


But I hope for her sake she has the funds to cover the Federal and California State tax on her winnings, cuz if she doesn't, I'm fairly certain that we will see the car show up on Ebay soon.

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Anyone else catch the credits for the show?


The car was not donated by Ford in exchange for the exposure but was purchased by the Price Is Right Game Show for less than retail from Santa Monica Ford.


Makes me wonder how much less than retail.



About 24k less. Sicking isn't it?

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PIR said that retail was 72K, so if they bought it back of that they got it less than retail. If they paid sticker its almost 20K below RETAIL



michael morris



That girl just called and asked if we had a nice yellow accord she could trade it for.....



J/K.... :hysterical:

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