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Hey guys & gals....I had previously posted a month or so ago about being burned by RPM Outlet in Texas.


Just wanted to let everyone know I received a confirmation this morning from Rpm Outlet.


It indicated my Lakewood Watts link kit was shipped yesterday and they provided a UPS tracking number.


This kit was ordered August 01 2007 which will probably be close to 9-months to the day till I receive my order.


The worse thing is even after multiple attempts at contact and an attempt with my credit card company and the BBB I did not received any correspondence what so ever since November 2007.


I won't be completely satisfied until I receive the goods and confirm it is actually what I ordered and it will fit my vehicle.

Unfortunately, RPM Outlet has an ever growing reputation of shipping out incorrect parts and charging large re-stocking fees even though it was their mistake.


I'll send an update next week once I receive the package.


I just wanted to let everyone know If you have current or outstanding issues with RPM Outlet there may still be a little light at the end of the tunnel.




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