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Attention Shelby Owners - IMPORTANT INFORMATION

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April 23, 2008



Attention Shelby Owners - IMPORTANT INFORMATION

Owners of Kenne Bell, Paxton, and Wipple superchargers



This information has to do with the Ford recall notice with respect to passenger side airbag. If you decide to take your car into your Ford dealership for this recall, they will need to tap into your vehicle's computer to correct the problem. They will need to re-program the RCM (Restraint Control Module). It takes them a very short period of time and you should be on your way without incident.


Here is where it gets tricky. If by accident the technician goes into the PCM (Power Control Module) instead of the RCM, they will essentially replace your existing power tune with whatever is in their programming module. If you have a Kenne Bell, Wipple, or Paxton Supercharger, then you have a vendor-unique tune. If the technician accidentally wipes out your unique tune, Ford cannot re-program it without obtaining the unique vendor program direct from the supercharger vendor.


If you encounter the worst case scenario, and your program gets wiped out, have your Ford dealer contact Shelby Automobiles Inc. directly. We in turn will work between the Ford dealership and the respective supercharger vendor to insure that they receive the tune needed to re-flash your PCM. DO NOT have the Ford dealership contact the supercharger vendor directly. The MUST contact Shelby at the following telephone number:


Shelby Automobiles Inc.

(702) 942-7325

. Doug Sinclair (ext. 105)

. Bud Mahoney (ext. 140)

. Donnie Beson (ext. 145)


Please take this communication to the Ford dealer if you are intending to act on the passenger side airbag recall notice.


Donnie Beson

Director of Sales

Shelby Automobiles Inc.



BEFORE plugging IDS into the DLC of this vehicle, please be sure you have your IDS software updated to version 53.12 P20 or later. This vehicle is equipped with an aftermarket PCM calibration that will identify to IDS as a stock calibration. It is CRITICAL that you DO NOT REFLASH THE PCM of this vehicle under any circumstances. Engine failure WILL result, for which the dealer will be held responsible. If IDS informs you that a later calibration is available, do NOT flash the vehicle. Any PCM calibration updates necessary will be handled by Shelby Automobiles Inc. Also, if a PCM replacement is deemed necessary for any reason, prior authorization must be obtained from Shelby Automobiles Inc.

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