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Took my 1st road trip of the season to Rhode Island..


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We have been talking about it for a while.......


and this past Saturday Dale & I took a ride up to Rhode Island to see Roger & Lori.

After some lunch, the girls (our wives Dale & Lori) went to do some shopping and we went to work on my SGT. Roger and I installed the SPP black hood pins and CDC sequential tail lights. That would be mostly Roger doing the work and mr. all thumbs and no tools watching and helping where I could. Then Roger shortened my stock antenna to 14", removed the ball from the top, reattached to the shortened piece, painted, and viola......shorty antenna Roger style!


Gorgeous day in the 70's, nice breeze, hanging out with my buddy working on the car & listening to tunes.........and then I heard a car pull in the driveway behind us.....it was Adam. He drove down from Mass with the kidlets in the car.


After we finished up the car, the 3 of us standing there bs-ing......and "lets take these bad boys for a ride" was the logical next step.

Off we went, 3 black Shelbys in a row, to drive down to the water. Well, driving behind Roger and in front of Adam was a delight in itself,.....but we got more looks than Will Ferrell running down the street naked!

As I eluded to in another post, we passed a group of 30 playing volleyball. They stopped dead in their tracks, staring, some of them pointing, oblivious of the ball bouncing away ....and took-in every second of us passing by. When we got to the shore (only about 10 minutes), we all were laughing at the overt display of affection the public was giving our 3 Shelby caravan.


From comments yelled by passers by to those who made their way over to us to talk Mustang to the mutlitude of thumbs up coming from every direction.......this was fun.


When it was time to head back, Adam got on the road back to Mass and Roger & I met up with the girls to get some dinner.


Adam, thanks for making it down. Your kids are adorable, God Bless. And that Shelby of yours is very special my friend. Great to see you as always.


Roger & Lori.......what can I say. Dale and I had a great day. Thank you so much for your hospitality and generousity of your time to help me with my car. This was the day I was planning, thinking of and looking forward for months over that long Winter. Your car is truly one of a kind, and so are you my friend.

I am already looking forward to our next get together.......JUNE BABY! :superhero:

and glad you liked the 4:10s as much as I do....... ;)


And for everyone else, here are a few pictures from our little get together.......





EDIT Wednesday:....saw that the link only had 20 pics and there were 45, so I am uploading the additional ones now, should be posted in new link by 10am 4/23/08...........stay tuned!





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Hey Michael,


Very nice . . . thanks for sharing the photos. But no photo of the shorty antenna a'la Roger. Just kidding. Glad you three could get together for the day. Looks like it was fun AND you got to turn a few heads with your convoy. Jim

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Michael, what can I say............it was a blast. Glad Adam could make it down with the kids. The pics came out great! It was great seeing you and Dale again. She is a very special lady my friend. You are a luck man. You have 2 ladies in your life. :)


It was a great day weather wise and even better spending the day with friends enjoying our passions. And you were also able to have the airbag recall done with no effect on your tune. Imagine that! :P


June is not far away. Weather permitting I'll take the drive to NJ in Black Beauty. And the watts link is awesome. Took Black Beauty out for a ride on the twisties! What a transformation. Best $ I've spent on a modification with far exceeds my expectations.


Sorry I missed you call this evening. I'll be in touch sometime tomorrow.

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White is always welcome. You should plan on attending the Tasca Event in September. Many will be making the trip. Sept. 6th if I remember correctly.


What's happening at Tasca? 9/6 is my birthday, so I don't know if I'll be able to get there.....

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What's happening at Tasca? 9/6 is my birthday, so I don't know if I'll be able to get there.....



That is the date of the John Force day this year along with the all Ford and Mustang show. It is the same event that Carroll attended last year. They fill the lot. Must have been over 300 cars last year. Then the cook out at my home after the show! Adam's paying though this year. :hysterical:

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