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Glassback roof on a 07 Cobra?


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I want a vert but at this point I'll take any 07 Cobra I can get a fair price on. The glassback roof might be a middle of the road option for me if a coupe finds my garage. Im trying to figure out pros and cons and really wonder if anyone has seen one installed on any S197.



1. Heat or sun in your eyes (Benz offers it on many of there cars) is it an issue?

2. Price 3-4k (kinda high)

3. Install, integrity, weight, leaks, looks (all might not be a big deal but I need input)

4. Devalue the vehicle? (its a car, my engine mods will devalue the car more) plan to keep and drive it alot.

5. No over the top stripes. (There coming off anyway, bad job Ford)

6. My kids (6 and 1.5) love the top down. (S197's such a solid platform for the convertible)



1. Its a full view roof (sounds neat from the cockpit position)

2. Would lighten the dark interior especially the back seat area where my kids will be trapped with no view.

3. looks (I think it would blend nicely on a dark car) and I plan to tint windows pretty dark.

4. A coupe looks better than a Vert. (I can drive the topless 65 to make the kids happy)


I hope someone has seen one (or owns a glassback Benz) to give me your take on it. Opinions welcome

Whaddoyouthink? sorry I have no link (is the company CDC?) Thanks

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