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New 18 wheels and tires.

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Wow! Very nice. What exactly are those rims? They look like they would accept big brakes.....?




I got them from Discount tire.com and they are Luquid Metal F5. I have a little more room around the brakes. I am going to do some checking.

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I have tried to down load some picture and it well not let me use the file they are in.


ARGHHHHH!!! MORE RIVETS or something that looks like RIVETS!!! I'm sick of the RIVET look! Doesn't anyone have any decent wheels without the RIVETS???? Why is that all that's being offered? I just plain don't like that look! I prefer no rivets for a much cleaner look...


Sorry, they look nice on your car, but I'm just not going to put something on my car that has the rivets...not even the Razors...just for that reason...

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