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BRA for my GT500

bleu venom

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Colgan makes a custom bra for the GT500 either in black or white carbon fiber like material. I have a full bra on my Lexus and it fits like a glove. Have you consider using an invisible bra? It also works great and you barely can see it unless you come closer.

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Does anyone make a BRA for the GT500?? Would like to take a drive through central CA, but do not want the car eating all the bugs :lurk:





I bought a Colgan Bra for my gt500 about a year ago. Very nice quality and fit. Tough to can on, you may need to lay it out for a few days and get a helper to put it on. Follow the directions, and it should fit nice and tight, man I mean tight. Had my car up to 120 mph plus and it did not move. I bought the black bra.



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