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How long does it take to get registration packet?


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So I registered my GT-H on the site back in January and I have not yet received my goodies from Shelby. How long does it take and is there a back log?





Hi, id contact them to check the status. Mine took approx 3 weeks, JG

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I just spoke with Rich at Shelby Yesterday as I had some issues with registering my car.He told me that there is no specific time period. They wait till they recieve "X" number of requests for paperwork before they send someone back to retrieve the files.They are mailed out in batches.The guy that registered my car for himself when he did not own the car did so on Febuary 9th.Shelby still has the paperwork for my car there.So he would have been waiting for 2 1/2 months for paperwork on a car he did not own.Hope this helps you out.



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