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Available plow package?


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So I just called my salesguy. I've ordered 4 cars in the past, never Fords, and if I could sum up this entire experience in one phrase, it would be "wtf".


I'm now third on the waitlist for a standard tranny. I started 8th on June 5th. He talked to the ordering manager and said I could expect my order to be pulled around end of sept, but it could also be late october.


So, he said I would definitely have the car by Christmas. I live in upstate NY in the salt belt. My first drive of my CONVERTIBLE will not be from the dealer to my house on salt covered roads for it to sit for 6 months before I can drive it again.


Best case scenario, I could have it Mid November. I've had a Jeep before this, and mid november isn't topdown weather around here.


I'm considering 2 things now. Having him hold my order until Mar 1, 2007 and hopefully getting it mid april, or just waiting till june and ordering an 08.


The downside of waiting until March is, I have no idea if this slashing of production slated for q4 is going to affect me being able to get my order submitted. I may wait till March and be in the same boat I'm in now.


The downside of waiting for an 08 is, the dealer will have no idea what the new option codes and packages are. I experienced this when I placed my order for the 07. I had to go in with the info I'd pulled from forums, since Ford has their heads up their butts and hadn't made this info available to dealers until WEEKS after production had already started.


So, any opinions either way on this? The entire experience has totally turned me off from this company. My dealer has had 6 automatics and V6's sitting on their lot for 5 weeks, yet they're not allowed to order GT's with standard transmissions that are already sold. The whole thing boggles my mind.

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Go to a different dealer, serious.



Yeah at this point I realize I should have. I have a friend whose sister works for Ford and can get me an Xplan pin easily, but I didn't think it would take this long. Even if I did switch dealers, at this point I still wouldn't get the car till mid october. :shrug:

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Guest evilchris

Yeah at this point I realize I should have. I have a friend whose sister works for Ford and can get me an Xplan pin easily, but I didn't think it would take this long. Even if I did switch dealers, at this point I still wouldn't get the car till mid october. :shrug:



Post your specs, if it isn't completely loaded it should be easy to find.

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i'm kinda in the same boat with you . i'm not a list, but just getting to the point to where i can order one and have the money to do it . ( wife just started a job as a R/N)


it will probably be a couple more months till i can order one and i'm sure we dont get the bad weather you do up there here in kentucky , but its bad enough and i sure dont want to risk wrecking something i have been waiting my whole life for . ( i know it's just a car )


so i will probably wait until the 08's come out and start the whole process of reserch and go from there .



I would go ahead and order it now , if you have to let it sit so what , when that first spring day comes out you will be glad you did !



just my 2 cents :rockon:

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This was sent to me on an understanding of how the whole vehicle ordering process works and based off of this it appears that your dealership may have too many cars (Mustangs) on his/her lot at this time to allow for your order to go through.


Chances are the dealer you ordered from had no allocation for Mustangs or had more orders than allocation.


The priority code only has relavance to the ordering dealership's order bank. The proiority code assigned by other dealerships will affect only their own order bank.


This is how the system works.


After you agree on a deal the dealership will translate your order into a series of three digit codes and input those codes into a computer. The next day they will receive a dealer order receipt acknowledgement (DORA), which I recommend you review with your salesperson. Mistakes do occasionally happen and this is the first step to avoiding one. While placing the order the dealer will assign it a priority code. For sold units the code will be a number from 10 to 40 with 10 being the highest (best) priority. I personally assign the codes based on when the customer ordered the vehicle i.e. the oldest order gets the highest priority.


Now comes the hard part. Dealers are assigned a certain number of vehicles (allocation) for four or five week order periods. In one order period depending on the size of the dealership he could get 0 to 100 rangers. Production weeks start on Thursday for Ford. If on Thursday night the dealership has allocation for a ranger you have reached the next hurdle.


Within each vehicle line certain options aka commodities are controlled (limited). For example this week if I have 3 ranger allocations I can only order 47% of them with a flare side box. So if I only have 2 sold orders for rangers and both have a flare side box only one of them will be scheduled for production. Since I must buy 3 they will schedule 2 without the flare side box for stock while the other sold unit sits in the order bank. On Thursday night the computer will look at each dealers order bank individually to schedule the necessary units. On Friday morning the dealer will get a print out showing the serial number (VIN) that the scheduled units will be produced with. On Saturday or the following Monday the print out will show the week the unit will be built.


All schedule dates are Mondays. That means the unit could start down the line any day that week. How long after the vehicle is produced until it arrives at the dealership depends on the distance from the manufacturing plant to the dealership. For example in Michigan a Mustang produced in Dearborn or a Focus produced in Wayne will arrive within a day or two of the vehicle coming off the assembly line. A pick up coming from Kansas City may take a week or a Windstar from Canada may take 2 weeks. Once the vehicle is in the hands of the transport company the dealer has no way to track it.


Hope this helps :sos: ,


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Good info, thanks.


I take her home tomorrow. It's going to be cold and rainy, but at least I'll get a couple weeks with her before I store her for the winter.


I went down to the dealer today and drove it again with my dad in the car. He said he loved driving a sportscar again (he's 60) and it renewed his interest in a porsche. I told him since he drove my car, I get to drive his.



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