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Silver Stripe.


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You might try simply calling Shelby Performance Parts (702-405-3500) and inquire with them if they have stipes for just for facias.

I know someone on here has mentioned that they were able to get the stripes for just the GT500 spoiler for like $50????


Just a suggestion. I'm sure someone here has run into this or has asked the same question.



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You will need to order the stripes through Ford Racing Warranty phone number. There is NO OTHER way to get the "actual stripes" for the car. You can't get these through SPP who are only able to sell the spoiler stripes.


You will need to take pictures of the stripes showing the damage as well as pictures showing your CSM number and what ever else will prove the car is an SGT, it's yours and not a copied VIN, and they will place the order to be sent to a dealer. I don't believe they will ship direct. This is all to prevent clones and in our collective best interests. Be aware the prices are not cheap. However you are in need of the cheapest set of all so that's a plus!


The SGT Stripes are sold in 4 sets:


1. Lower front fascia

2. Hood

3. Roof

4. Trunk w/rear lower fascia


BTW: I did try to order the stripes Ocal from the company that makes them using the code provided in another thread etc., and while the chip looked good the stripes that came in were off a bit, enough to not match. They said something about different batches etc., who knows.


Anyway...good luck!

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