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How many 07 SGT's are still available new.How do you find them?


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Just wondering if anyone has that info.




This was as of April 9th



2007 SGT Coupes:


763 GT Premium

22 Deluxe




2008 SGT Coupes Vista Blue:


646 GT Premium

21 Deluxe




2008 SGT Convertibles Vista Blue


486 GT Premium

5 Deluxe




2008 SGT Black BJ Editions:


43 GT Premium Coupes

13 GT Premium Convertibles




2008 SGT Grabber Orange Coupes:


122 GT Premium



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Thank you very much!


No hyjack intended but '07 Shelby, the pic that's obviously part of your sig line isn't there. Just a big box and red X. Clicking on the red X you get the message


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Just thought you'd like to know.




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