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18's Got to Go


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Just putting the word out for anyone interested in a complete set of 18" Black bullets and Goodrich KDWS tires that just came off #0399. The tires have 2700 miles on them and the rims are perfect. No scratches and the tires are in excellent condition also.


I think everyone knows the retail price of new tires and rims so you should also know that you can buy this perfect set of four for $ 850.00 and save about 600.00.


The tires and rims are in Phoenix, AZ and waiting for a new home. The new 20" set up with bands etc... was quite expensive so could really use the money to subsidize the expense.


I can be reached at:





Oh and if this post is the wrong place just let me know where it should be.


Hope everybody has a great week.

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you probably want to keep the set together, but just a heads up, someone else with the same situation sold each tire to someone looking a spare and only agreed upon having a foursome committed so he didnt get stuck. the shipping gets passed on the the buyer anyway.....just an idea and alternative to having to sell them together as a set.

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