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Warranty Information on Modifications

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Like an idot I bought an extended warentee.... As I had know Idea I could send the car off to have a super Charger put on by Shelby.


I'm pretty sure that they have to be able to show that any failure was a result of the mods you have made. Federal law changed a few years ago, due to GM refusing Transmission repairs based on an aftermarket radio and Sh%t like that.


Make friends with the service manager. It always helps. The FRPP 500 HP blower will void the warranty and the 400HP one only give a 12/1 limited warranty so watch out on those things.
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I'm pretty sure that they have to be able to show that any failure was a result of the mods you have made. Federal law changed a few years ago, due to GM refusing Transmission repairs based on an aftermarket radio and Sh%t like that.

You're on the right track in your thinking, but you don't know where these tracks lead. Let me help you?


The incident you refer to was one of hundreds of complaints that led to the creation of the Federal "Magnuson-Moss Act". It was the silly "oh, you have a sub-woofer...We can't repair your transmission" crap that really got to the meat of things. So...Today, we owners who like to mod their automobiles in some fashion, have some protection. Just don't bring your SGT in for repair of a windowed block into a dealership still wearing drag radials and shoe polish numbers from the track, okay? Anyway...It's not all that sweet, or, protective. Here's how it works.


1) You have a major drivetrain problem. Blew an engine, tranny, or, rear end.


2) You have the car towed to a dealership for repairs, and they say the failure was the result of owner tampering/abuse.


3) You appeal (and exhaust) all reasonable paths inside the manfacturer's structure for relief, and get turned away "No".


4) The Magnuson-Moss Act is a Federal law, but it's a civil process, not criminal. No F.B.I. agents will inspect your car, or listen to your story. You have to sue.


5) So...You find a good consumer fraud attorney and make a Federal claim for relief under Magnuson-Moss. You're filing suit against Ford, Chevy, whomever...and this suit is at your expense un til you win.


6) Ford, Chevy, whomever...Get served on your suit, and they turn it over to their legal staff. Guess what? You will never hear from them. They speak only with your attorney, and only when they want too, in this preliminary phase. Of course, a clock is ticking somewhere, and they will have to make an appearance before a Federal Judge at some point to answer the charge you have alleged. But, that's 24-30 months down the road.


7) Meanwhile, your car is either still at the dealership and wracking up storage fees while deteriorating before your eyes, or, it's in your garage doing the same thing, while you continue to make car payments, as well as regular payments to your consumer fraud attorney. Pretty soon, you are so upside-down in the car, you can't afford to clear the title even to give it away. This is how cars end up parked behind a garage, or, on a relative's farm. Worthless, though you still pay for it until you can clear the title.


8) It's not all this bad. Someday you may win a settlement from Ford, Chevy, whomever...But trust me on this. This settlement will be for the original cost of repairing your car. If you blew the engine and follow this pathology, you will end up spending 10X the repair costs in storage and legal fees, when reasonable repairs are available. But, you're stubborn and need to make your point, right?


Summary...The law is there, but if you goof your ride with outrageous mods, it's not really going to help you in the long run. Bite the bullit early on, fix what need fixing, and learn your lesson. Pay now, it's cheaper.


No Court anywhere will hold a manfacturer of any product responsible for repair charges once you take it upon yourself to mod their product. Push 14 PSI of supercharged boost into a stock 3V SGT engine, and the repairs are likely and on you. Likewise tranny and rear end. Get crazy, and you lose.


The best advice has been posted. Make friends with your service staff at your dealership. Pay attention to them with tips around the holiday season, also drop "lunch money" once in a while to the wrench looking at your mods. Once a month, I call a local Pizza Hut and send them five extra-large cheese and sausage pizzas. Costs me 25 bucks, but leaves a memory worth twice that.


Here too, even though you can get it cheaper on eBay, spend a few extra quarters with your parts department. Make them feel like they are saving your azz and they will save it when it counts. If Service/Parts come to like you as a faithful customer/owner who needs a helping hand once in a while, you can earn a King's treatment. And remember, if you become a PITA, they will drop the dime on you, if you know what I mean.


I don't mean to brag here, but I get everything I need/want from my local Lincoln/Mercury dealership. Small "family" dealership, only 7 wrenches, two parts guys and three in the body shop.


Even though it's an SGT, I bought them a set of Helms directories for the 2007 Mustang GT, and copied all the Shelby specfic 411 I could gather on the car. Phone numbers, names and all. My warranty claims with Shelby have been few, but very smooth because my Service/Parts managers know what I know.


Anytime I want/need something from the on-line world, I go through the Parts manager. He loves shoping on the 'net and saving me money. Then I have the Service manager take care of the install, and I get all this at 25% less than other customers. My oil changes are under 20 bucks, and I get a free car wash. I get a loaner if my SGT stays overnight (and inside). If I need it, they will come to my house to get my SGT., and the list of benefits could go on, but I won't.


Yes, this is not free. I tip on a regular basis based on the repair bill, or, what I think it's worth. Once in a while there is no repair bill, and then I know to take care of the wrench personally, and on a cash basis.


The talent on tap here is remarkable, and I think it's likewise at many dealerships. Of the three "heavy duty" wrenches on staff, one has a GT 500 and an Outlaw car. He wants to buy my SGT so bad, it' become a joke between us. The second is a 30 year seasoned F/L/M vet, and his son is a NASCAR wrench for Childress. The third has his own local funny car. I know these guys, because I took the time to ask about them. In return, I know their kids names, grades, ect. I even got a call from one of them when one of the parts guys lost a child in an accident. What I am saying, is that these guys can like you, and when they do, you have it made. I am out-classed by them in my knowledge and experience, but every X-Mass, and birthday, they get the finest steak dinner they ever imagined, along with the Service and Parts managers. This really doesn't cost me a lot. Maybe under 500 bucks a year, but worth every penny.


Don't lose this advice. Be humble, don't bitch. Tip when earned. Ask for help, don't tell them what to do. Visit parts and service, and if you see a nice deal on the used car lot your cousin Sally might like, bring her to a salesman for a look-see.


And you can do/get anything you want.

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