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Central Illinois Mustand Assoc Car Show


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Sounds like fun but no class for us?


I guess, "Specialty 80-08"?





We have to much class! :hysterical:


I talked to one of the guys last week about this. He said he is going to bring it up at their next meeting.


I told him they need a late model Shelby class now that there are so many out there. Over 20k GT500's, over 7500 SGT's, 1500 GT500KR's, 40th anniversay cars, supersnakes, and more coming!


He said they should have a class for this.


But if enough people show up with there late model Shelbys then they will most likely add a class for these.


Last year I think there were 4 GT500's and one SGT that showed up.


It would be nice to see at least 50 late model Shelbys show up!


BTW, if anyone does plan to come send them an email or call them to let them know you plan bringing a Shelby. They try to set things up ahead of time where they reserve spots for the different classes and if everyone just shows up on that day where they had no prior warning of approx how many were coming they won't know what to do with all the Shelbys showing up at the last minute! LOL

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